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Do’s & Don’ts



  • See and Enjoy the animal, please don’t tease or disturb them.
  • The health of the Zoo animals are important, please don’t bring your pet.
  • Zoo animals are in a specific diet, please don’t feed them.
  • This zoo is plastic and polythene free, please don’t carry or use plastic items & poly bags in the zoo premise.
  • This zoo is smoking free zone, please don’t smoke.
  • We are trying to provide the best facility to our esteemed visitors, please don’t destroy any property of the zoo.
  • The safety & security of our esteemed visitors are the prime concern, please don’t cross or climb the barriers & fence. Please don’t enter into the prohibited area.
  • Enjoy nature & its beauty, please don’t climb the tree, pick flowers or disturb the landscape.
  • Zoo premise is our national property, keeping neat and clean is our duty, please don’t litter.
  • Enjoy the silence of nature, please don’t play music or shout.
  • The fellow visitors are also enjoying nature, please don’t disturb them.
  • To serve you better & to make your visit a memorable, please cooperates with the zoo staff & security personals.


Prohibition in the Zoo


  • Feeding, Teasing/ Disturbing the Animal
  • Smoking
  • Shouting, Playing Music
  • Carrying Plastic items, Bottles, Polythene Bags, Balloons, Crackers
  • Pets
  • Sharp items, Fire Arms, Sports items and Outside Foods 
  • To know more about Dehradun Zoo & its animals, please contact our staff or visit our Website.